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About Us

It all started when I recognised the potential of being able to help people to learn to live and love life the way I get to, by developing Property Simply, Safely and Successfully.

Troy Harris, Helping Others Take Action

I love the fact I can work part time hours from home, while watching and helping my little girls grow & learn. In fact, I think it is the greatest gift I have ever been given. I wouldn’t give that up for the world. However, I also have a passion for helping first time property developers take ACTION towards their goals Simply, Safely and Successfully.


So how do I help them? Through Rookie Developer, which facilitates educational events, mentoring programs, webinars, informative blogs and other tools and resources to help as many people as I can to follow my path.


The most popular event in the series are full day seminars called “D-Day”, where I teach the A-Z of the processes of property developing. Many success stories come out of these events and I’d like to share a typical one with you.


Kurt and Jasmine attended a D-Day event, and very soon after that they purchased their very first property development. That property was renovated and four new units were built on the back. The five dwellings were sold quickly and they made a very nice “1st timers” profit of more than $130,000. The pair purchased another similar site, also bringing in a six-figure profit shortly after that. They are continually moving onwards and upwards in their property developing career.


Clearly, this can be quite life changing.


All you need to start developing for yourself is some knowledge of the process, the courage and the will to succeed. You too could be the next person buying a development site. Wouldn’t a six-figure profit go a long way towards your financial independence?


Action is what I live by. 


So I jumped at the chance to help people just like you. To help you overcome whatever it is that is holding you back from a better life, to inspire you to take action towards change. Not just tiny little steps, but to take massive action towards achieving everything you want & deserve in life, no matter what that may be.


Are You An Action Taker?

Let me show you more. 


Welcome to our site, please look around and feel free to comment on our blog posts. We love to hear your opinions.


About Troy

Troy Harris has been working as a successful Property Developer for almost a decade now. In that time he has created projects worth over $27 Million. His latest projects yet to be completed will net him over $900K.


Click here to read more about how Troy got to where he is today.