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9 Essential Rookie Developer Checklists

Is fear of missing an important step preventing you from starting developing? Do you think you are missing out on big Profits in Property Developing? 

If you have answered yes to either of these then we have the answer for you.

Troy has created a range of Checklists which he has compiled from the experience he has learned through all of his development projects.

That’s right – we have 9 Essential Rookie Developer Checklists as a bundle for you to buy today. Over $27M of projects have gone into these spreadsheets.


What you get:

  • Property Development Checklist (Overall Development Checklist)
  • Due Diligence Checklist
  • Unconditional Sign Off Checklist
  • Pre Purchase Due Diligence Checklist
  • Statement of Compliance Checklist
  • Your Team Checklist
  • Joint Venture
  • Money Partners
  • Planning Process Checklist

All with an RRP value of $197.00 each. That’s $1773.00 total.


Just some of the items on the checklists are:

  • What is needed for Plans and Permits
  • Your requirements for Service and Approvals
  • Construction Pre and Actual
  • Council and Authorities
  • What to do while waiting at council
  • And much, much more...

These are the very same checklists that Troy uses every day in his own developing, and we have reproduced them for you to make it easier for you to succeed. Our aim is to assist people interested in breaking into the development game. It is designed to HELP you get started.

The checklists are a great guide for Property Developers. Use them to make sure you have investigated the more common problems properties tend to have, but most importantly to ensure you don’t miss a vital step that may just cost you plenty, in both time & money!

These checklists are potentially worth tens of thousands of dollars in cost savings, possibly even more than that  I bet you are now asking yourself "What price am I going to pay?" We are offering all these vital property developer tools to you today for a special bundle price of just $197.00. That’s right – not $197.00 each as they are valued at, but $197.00 for all 9 Checklists as an electronic download so you can use them time and again.


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