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Simply read here for more info on the day itself – vital information for ALL new developers!


Our one-day D-Day Workshop gives new developers the answers to developing property Simply, Safely and Successfully.


Give me just 1 day, and I’ll guarantee to show you how to make at least $100K+ from your first property development project Simply, Safely and Successfully… even if you don’t know where to start.


Last year when I showed previous D-Day attendees my A-Z blueprint and the EXACT techniques that enabled me to turn $0 into over $27 Million in property developments in just 6 years they were ecstatic!


Dear Rookie Developer,


If you are new to property developing and you want to shortcut your journey and avoid the pitfalls, then this will be the most important letter you will read all year. Here’s why…


My name is Troy Harris and for the past 10 years or so I have been helping new Developers just like you to develop property Simply, Safely and Successfully time after time. At D-Day I’ll be showing you how you too can do this.


Here’s the thing  once you’ve mastered the skills and techniques needed to successfully develop property, you can ‘rinse and repeat’ the process any time you want. You could actually make a full time living doing developments in your spare time!


Now for the best part…


Simply by attending you will receive these valuable bonuses to help you along your pathway towards your financial freedom by developing property Simply, Safely and Successfully.


What you get:

  • 9 Rookie Developer Checklists (worth over $1700 RRP alone)
  • 1 Property Deal Assessment by the Rookie Developer Team ($697 RRP)
  • A 1 Hour Accountant consultation ($450 RRP)


That’s a total of over $2800 in bonuses – yours FREE just for coming along!


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So, tell me:

  • Are you stuck in a dead end job?
  • Are you struggling to run a business in an industry you secretly hate?
  • Do you just want financial freedom, and the ability to choose what you do with your time?

Just 10 short years ago I was in the same position as you. I was running a business I despised and slaved every hour god sent to make ends meet. To make matters worse, I was so angry about life that my family and friends were suffering the brunt of my frustration. I loved the idea of being a property developer, and more importantly, I desperately desired the money and lifestyle successful developers had. I’d read about them in magazines, and seen them interviewed on television. They were enthusiastically talking about how they’d made it big even though they started with nothing. They were able to do what they wanted, when they wanted. Travelling round the world, and spending quality time with their loved ones.


That’s the life we all dream of isn’t it?


I decided it was time for me to “join the party” but there was a problem…

  • I knew nothing about Property Developing …
  • I didn’t know whom to turn to for advice…
  • My retail business was not successful, so I decided to sell up and try my hand in Property.
  • I was terrified of making a failure of it and losing money, the fear had me stuck where I was…
  • I was terrified of getting started but the thought of my uncertain financial future was even more horrifying…
  • I wanted to provide for my wife and my future family, without having to answer to bosses I didn’t like or working long hours in a retail business that wasn’t providing a return.

This was my D-Day – DECISION DAY! I decided I was going to take action. I was going to do whatever it took to learn and become a property developer. Nothing was going to stop me!


But despite my big dreams I needed a kick up the bum. I needed a guiding hand and advice from someone I could really trust. Thankfully, I got it from a mentor and friend who changed my perspective on everything.


Then the clouds seemed to magically clear away.


My chosen location was Ballarat. I bought an old vinyl clad home on a corner block and cost me just $133,000. The plan was to renovate the original house and build a new 3 bedroom home on the back, with an anticipated profit of about $29,000. Just like an apprenticeship, this skill would repay me for a lifetime.  These were both sold over the price I was anticipating and my ULTIMATE profit was just over $37,000.


Without that decision, without that action, I would not be where I am today. Not even close! 


Can you relate?


Fast forward to a decade later and my life couldn’t be more different. Today, I’m a successful property developer. I’ve created projects totalling in excess of $27 Million dollars. It cost me blood, sweat and tears. Now you can benefit from my experiences – good and bad!


I’m not going to say it was easy to be successful, because it wasn’t. It took a huge amount of hard work, effort, and most importantly – trial and error. I have learnt a lot of lessons on my way to financial freedom. And as my Property Developing business grew I got more and more enquiries from friends and people around me. Suddenly everyone wanted to know what I did to acquire these financial milestones.


So I created Rookie Developer. Rookie Developer gives you the opportunity to benefit from my experiences. With my help you get the chance to create your own successful property development business – Simply, Safely and Successfully.


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Turn my expertise into your financial success!


I also decided to host a special “D-Day” event. At this event I walk new developers through the exact process I still use today to run successful developments  step-by-step.


It’s the same process that helped me create over $27 million in projects in under 10 years. Look, I have to tell you that some of my previous D-Day attendees have collected in excess of $100,000 for each development they do. Most are averaging around $150,000 to $200,000 each time. So to help you follow in their footsteps I’m running another D-Day event this year.


Your own property developing D-Day takes place in Melbourne’s Eastern Suburbs (Melbourne’s small residential development epicentre).


I’m even laying on full catering so you don’t have to bring a “packed lunch”. I’ll leave nothing out!


I’ll teach you everything I can possibly fit into one day. Once you leave D-Day you’ll be able to complete developments Simply, Safely, and Successfully time after time, after time. Think of it as the A-Z of property development.


Grab your one-off opportunity to work with me directly and discover the step-by-step blueprint that’s allowed me to create property investments in excess of $27 Million.


Here’s what you’ll discover on D-Day:

  • Why the “4 Pillars of Developing” are pivotal to success
  • How to save months of wasted time, money, and effort when you use my recommended (no-brainer), essential research tools
  • How to find the right project for YOU
  • Secret number crunching techniques to identify profitable projects
  • How I use all the Rookie Developer Essential Checklists for each of my developments
  • Select and build your “top class” team with insider information
  • Two simple words that have saved me thousands of dollars in tax. That’s right, 2 words, and in 2012 alone it saved me over $150K
  • Discover simple ways to ramp up your profits with my design tips
  • 7 Tips on how to find a quality builder
  • Finish your projects on time, on budget, and with a large profit
  • Critical mistakes you must avoid at all costs

Benefit from all the mistakes I made  there have been plenty!


If you just use one very small tweak that helped me generate an extra $200,000 on a current project, then you’re already on your way. Also, find out how a neighbour helped me create an extra $150,000 profit, and how she benefitted from it too!


A day that changed my life, read what a previous D-Day attendee made of the event:


"I used to always say that “one day I am going to develop”. Well I am actually doing it! I went to D-day in June and then started in the $100k Club the following January, and by April had a contract signed for a 5 dwelling site with a potential profit of $250k.I also found a JV partner in the $100k Club to share the journey.  I would like to think I am an intelligent woman, but there is no way I could have done this without Troy and the Rookie Team and the information they shared with us. There are so many unforeseen things that can crop up and it is great to hear from someone who is actually doing what they teach. I would highly recommend attending D-Day for those who would like to “one day develop” – that day is today!"

– Jane from SUNBURY, VIC


I regularly get calls and emails from people who’ve been to D-Day and can’t wait to tell me about their latest success. Nothing pleases me more than knowing I’m able to help everyday people – like you – achieve the amazing quality of life I now enjoy.


And I’m not saying that to brag. I’m saying it to highlight I was just like you… I’m an everyday person, who used to work jobs I hated. What drove me were my aspirations to one day being financially free and independent. Now I’d love to help you achieve the same.


How much do you have to invest to change your life FOREVER?


Before I explain how you can book your D-Day event, I want you to know about my cast-iron money back guarantee. It makes this process completely RISK FREE for you.


As a thank you for investing your time, and money into your future I’m also going to include some very special bonuses if you book your place today. As I mentioned earlier – here is a more detailed list of what you can expect to receive:

  • 9 Rookie Developer Checklists (worth over $1700 RRP alone)
  • 1 Property Deal Assessment by the Rookie Developer Team ($697 RRP)
  • A 1 Hour Accountant consultation ($450 RRP)

That’s a total of over $2800 IN Bonuses – yours FREE just for coming along.


So… how much are you going to have to invest to listen to me? I’m Troy Harris, an everyday guy that turned $133,000 into over $27 million of property projects.


Let me tell you straight: the last couple of D-Day events have turned rookie investors into successful developers, earning more than $100K plus per project. Surely an event like this will be expensive? Well you’ve got to ask yourself: “Expensive compared to what?”


Imagine, what would it be worth to you to sit in a room and witness with your own eyes the very best in Property Developing advice and hear from other professionals that can help you on your way.  You get to see the thinking behind them and why they are so successful, ripped apart before your very eyes so that you know EXACTLY what it takes… PLUS see all the resources Troy uses himself in his Developing from start to finish, what checklists were used, how it was organised, and how to set this system up for yourself for maximising your profits. All explained by one of Australia’s top Residential Property Developers Mr Troy Harris.


Be worth a fortune right? And just think…

  • You could easily blow a few hundred grand tomorrow on a useless property.
  • You could pay a Buyers Agent or someone with lesser skills than I, thousands of dollars and still not be assured of results.
  • Or you could have paid us to mentor you for 12 months, just like our current group and Graduates did last year… many of whom have been successful in purchasing a property that will make them over $100K profit upon completion.

So by rights, this Workshop should cost at least $5,000 and it still would be a bargain! But relax, I’m not greedy and I’m not going to ask you for $5,000, not even $2,000 okay?


(In fact, this D-Day Workshop is guaranteed to NOT cost you a penny if you’re not 110% delighted with the information on offer).


So how much is it for the FULL day?


Well I seriously considered pricing this “show-all” event at $1,997. I know how much this information has changed the lives of my clients… so I thought around five grand would be the bare minimum. But after talking with my advisors, brain storming with my mentors, I’ve come up with a very fair, low-as-I-can-go price that more than guarantees your VALUE for your money.


I’ve set the price at just $1,297 for the FULL day. But it gets even better!


I don’t know about you but I didn’t get into business to become a banker. That’s why I always give an incentive to pay in full. So, if you pay in full, I’ll slash another $300.00 off the fee all you invest is just $997.00.


Register your spot now!


But wait, there’s more!




The day that could change your life. I’m offering you my 100% cast-iron guarantee. I wanted to make this a no-brainer decision for as many people as possible… So are you ready to take the next step?


A friendly kick in the bum helped me turn $133K into more than $27 million worth of property development projects in under 10 years. D-Day could be the kick in the bum that does the same for you. Can you afford NOT to be there?


Here’s what to do next:


Simply click on the register button below and you’ll be taken to our secure order area. Enter your payment details and your order will be processed, and you’ll receive a confirmation email within minutes with all of your links ready for you to start utilising your bonuses from today.  We will also ask for any partner details where applicable.


Register your spot now!


That’s it… it’s that simple.


Before long you could be completing your first successful $100,000 project. I’d love to make you my next big success story!


Warm Regards,


Troy Harris


P.S. Get peace of mind with my cast iron 100% money back guarantee.


P.P.S. As a thank you for attending my event you get to keep free bonuses worth over 2 times the price.


P.P.P.S 97 people attended last year’s D-Day event.  This year we have a smaller (but better) venue so its certain to be a sell out.