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D-Day DVD Recording

Missed our last D-Day Event? We've got just the thing for you!

Hello Rookie Developer!


At my one-day D-Day Event, I spilled the beans on how I went from $0 to over $27 Million in property development projects in under 10 years! But if you missed that event, not to worry – it’s all contained in one awesome DVD PACK that you can get your hands on today!


I’m Troy Harris and less than 10 years ago, I was slaving my butt off working in a business that was draining me of energy and barely making me the money I wanted. I was exchanging 80+ hours a week in order to live pay-to-pay, and pay my bills and frankly, I was sick of it.


You know the feeling, right?


I had heard about these so-called ordinary people who were going from nothing to multimillion-dollar property portfolios and although I wanted to be like them, I just figured, “They’re far from normal – they were probably made of money from the start!” Either that or a few million years ahead of me in the evolutionary process!


I looked at my situation and my less-than-exciting bank balance and thought, “Property development is something I’d love to do, but come on!  How the heck could I possibly do it?”


Can you relate?


It all changed when I met a real property developer who gave me the low-down on property development. This guy had a multimillion-dollar portfolio and he totally debunked the myths of property development and property developers that I totally believed in. Myths like:

  • You have to be loaded to become a property developer;
  • You have to know so much about the building industry;
  • You have to know so much about the real estate industry;
  • You have to be highly evolved as a human; and
  • You have to be super smart and super business savvy to make it.

This guy was an ordinary guy like you and I… and he laid out on the table how poor (somewhat), old (well, not quite!) me could do it too.


On that day – I call it my D-Day because it woke me right up to the reality of property developing – I decided to become a sponge! I decided to absorb everything I learnt from this guy and apply everything – and I mean everything – as well. And guess what happened? It paid off – and I mean really paid off!


Since that day I have created residential property developments worth in excess of $27 million. And thanks to this DVD set, your own personal D-Day is just a click away!


Speaking of which, here’s what just some of those people have to say about my D-Day property development training!


"Our very first development will pocket us around $150,000"

“I was always interested in property development but was always too scared to take the first step. At D-Day, Troy really helped to erase those fears by making the process so clear and easy to understand by breaking it all down into a system to follow. With the skills and resources I got from D-Day, I was able to go out there with confidence and get started. We have nearly completed our first development which will pocket us around $150,000, and we can’t wait to find the next one."

Kurt – Camberwell, Victoria


Not everyone can get to these events on the day and if you missed it, that’s okay – we recorded it all for you to enjoy whenever suits you.

Right now, you probably want to know who the hell I even am to determine if I’m the sort of guy worthy of your time and your money when it comes to property development education.


So we’ll cut to the chase and I’ll give you a quick, 60 second summary on Troy Harris:

  • I was a high school dropout – school just wasn’t for me at all!
  • I had many different and ‘interesting’ careers – but they were dead-end jobs
  • I owned a local toyshop called “Toy Island” – and became a slave to it!
  • I sold my shop to start property investing – time to make some real money!
  • Our first project was even profiled in Steve McKnight’s ‘0-260 Properties in 7 Years’ and I got really excited!
  • But that was only the buy-reno-sell thing, it was too time consuming and stressful!
  • I had my very own D-Day with the property developer mentor I mentioned before and started real property developing!
  • I now have two girls who keep me busy, life is really great.
  • In May 2007 I settled my very first development purchase. I was excited and terrified, but it was all happening!
  • A little over one year later I purchased my fourth site – really exciting stuff!
  • Since that day we have completed/are completing 60 units valued at over $27 million. A dream is realized and it’s great!
  • Sold over $5 MILLION without an agent – what an experience that was.
  • I have been profiled in two more books, “The Real Deal” for property investors and “Agents of Action” showcasing some of Australia’s leading entrepreneurs!
  • Founded Active Property Network and Rookie Developer. I’m a real developer and I teach people just like you how to do it through my D-Day property development seminars and my $100K Club Mentoring Program.

I’ll show you the ONE THING that will save you hundreds of thousands and virtually ensure your development success! In reality, it’s seven things that I roll into one, but you absolutely need to know this if you want to become a successful property developer and enjoy all that this entails!


No successful property developer goes into property development without knowing this stuff, so you absolutely need this vital piece of information. It’s all revealed to you in the Rookie Developer D-Day DVD Set.


D-Day is that 'kick in the bum' you need to turn yourself into a fully-fledged, Successful Property Developer!


Knowing HOW to become successful in property development is the only thing you have standing in your way RIGHT NOW! So how much would you expect to pay for the Rookie Developer D-Day DVD that shows you how it’s all done? You’re probably sitting there thinking, “Well Troy, you’re made of money now so you definitely won’t be willing to sell me your proven-to-work strategies for anything less than say $3000, right?” WRONG!


When I had my D-Day experience just under 10 years ago with the successful property developer who taught me everything, I definitely was not made of money.  I didn’t have tens of thousands of dollars lying around to pay somebody to teach me. And chances are, you would rather spend that money on the actual property development projects.


For those people lucky enough to get to my actual Rookie Developer D-Day, they paid to attend the event – in addition to airline fees, hotel accommodation, hire cars, etc.  So all up, it cost them a bit to attend.


For you though, you can get everything they learnt on my Rookie Developer D-Day DVD for just $1297.00. How’s that for a great deal?  Proven-to-work property development training and strategies, all on DVD for you to watch anywhere you want, any time you want!


The Rookie Developer D-Day DVD gives you the proven-to-work strategies you need to succeed… and it’s all GUARANTEED! If I wasn’t 200% confident in the information delivered in my D-Day property development training, I wouldn’t do it!  Results are everything, and that’s why I back my Rookie Developer D-Day DVD with my guarantee.


If you aren’t ready for your first development project after viewing my Rookie Developer D-Day DVD, I will happily refund you the FULL amount you paid for the product – no questions asked and no hard feelings!


So there you have it – all of the proven-to-work training delivered at my Rookie Developer D-Day event, now available for you on DVD! It’s training that has what it takes to turn you into a millionaire property developer.


So now for the $64,000 question (or is it really the $100,000+ question?): Are you ready for the kick in the bum you need to make it happen? Don’t forget it was a friendly but inspiring kick in the bum that got me started as a property developer. It was a friendly kick in the bum that helped me turn $133k (the cost of my first property project) into more than $27 million worth of property development projects in just under 10 years. And my Rookie Developer D-Day DVD can be your kick in the bum to help you do the same – possibly even better if you want to!


Can you afford NOT to invest in a DVD that can definitely change your life and transform your finances? Aren’t you ready to take the step to DO IT NOW?


If so, here’s what you need to do:


Shop our online store or click the 'add to cart' button below then sit back in the comfort of your own lounge room and learn, learn, learn. VERY SOON you will be well on your way to becoming a successful property developer.


Warm Regards,

Troy Harris


P.S: Remember with my 100% money-back guarantee – you have nothing to lose! You will be receiving CDs with over 500 pages of content that have cost me well over $50,000, and you will be getting them as well as the D-Day Workbook, absolutely FREE!